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your HCL commerce

Crowlify is the all-in-one platform that simplifies operations with a Gitops approach, streamlines your HCL commerce environment to let you focus on what really matters.
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Crowlify new environment creation form

Environment at scale

A commerce environment can be created or destroyed in minutes using a UI process

Lower environment can be schedule to be available on working hours only

Commerce components can be enabled or disabled based on project needs in order to manage resources and costs

Self consistent Team

The development team can entirely rely on itself and focus on project activities

Project team can perform standard IT task with minimum devops support

Project team can create and destroy environments, deploy custom images, activate/deactivate components, perform basic troubleshooting

Project environment tiles
Crowlify DB schema creation form

DB schema decoupled

DB schema generation decoupled from deployment

Database schemas created with a UI wizard and stored in a blob storage with metadata

Ability to associate a database schema containing different sets of data (catalog, users, etc) to any commerce environment

From Zero to Hero

As Is vs Crowlify out of the box HCL commerce setup

Docker Images

Manually download HCL commerce Docker images

All binaries are already downloaded

Helm chart

Manually download HCL Commerce Helm chart

Commerce Helm chart already available

Kubernetes cluster

Setup Kubernetes cluster in public or private cloud considering Commerce requirements

Kubernetes cluster available in Crowlify or using an existing customer service account

Database Server

Setup database infrastructure

Database servers available in containers for lower environment (free for Oracle)

Database Schema

Setup Commerce schema for the project

Commerce schema created via UI wizard

Continuous Delivery

Setup continuous delivery process

Continuous delivery by design in Crowlify

Total time

Estimation: 4 to 8 weeks

Estimation: 2 hours 

As is commerce setup

With Crowlify

Details are not details


Crowlify simplifies the build process of HCL Commerce custom images connecting to the customer custom code repository and implementing a basic continuous integration process integrated with the product

Data Processes

Crowlify API are abstracting the Commerce data command line utilities complexity transforming a data engineer task in a simpler office operation

Automatic Tests

After every deployment, a set of automatic tests is executed to validate it and all test results are shown in a dedicated test dashboard

Cloud Infrastructure

Crowlify hides the complexity of a HCL Commerce kubernetes deployment and allows to control the costs of operational environments scheduling their availability, especially for lower environments

The reason why_3x.jpg

The reasons why

For new or existing HCL Commerce customers, Crowlify is the accelerator that hide the cloud and Kubernetes complexities and clear the path to a true Commerce composable solution

Simplified Operations

Crowlify is an operation platform that simplifies the process of creating and handling HCL Commerce environments without the need for a dedicated DevOps team. This reduces the knowledge gap for retail customers to be introduced to the Docker-Kubernetes world.

Cost Savings

With Crowlify, customers can optimize their environment usage without keeping the infrastructure always on, aligning the availability to business hours.

Time to market

With Crowlify customers can put the business features at the center, turning on ephemeral Commerce environments whenever a feature needs to be released.


Crowlify provides a secure and reliable platform for managing HCL Commerce environments accessing the customer infrastructure or using an internal hosting with a sandbox approach.

Smoother migration

We created a migration pattern to help the customer end to end, moving to the new version and using Crowlify to reduce the impact on introducing a new technology stack.

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A strong team behind

Our team is made of experienced professional with a successful track record on HCL Commerce projects. Their experience brought us to understand our clients needs and produce the best HCL orchestrator.


eCommerce projects handled


HCL Commerce versions managed


Years of experience in HCL Commerce field

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Lets the old story
become just a memory

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